Theme e: User-owned technologies vs institutional infrastructures

Welcome to the blog pages of this most interesting of JIF08 themes. This element of the programme is set to explore, debate and inform delegates on a wide range of issues associated with how users interact with institutional infrastructures. The implications for all users and the institutions and the issues each must understand and address will be discussed and debated.

The three activities planned across the two days offer a diverse range of interactions that will be both informative, challenging and we hope enjoyable. Prepare to participate in structured debates, open-ended discussions and benefit for gaining new insights into established concepts.

Session 1: Web 2.0, IPR and You [Live Blog Post]

A mixed workshop session that aims to inform and engage you with the important issues surrounding intellectual property rights and how they affect you, your projects, yours users and your institutions. How will the shifting locus of control away from institutions impact on the IPR arrangements currently in place. Do you understand the implications for your own work. This session, from JISC’s IPR consultants, will cover IPR implications and more, you will be glad you went to the session.

Session 2: Disruptive technologies disrupt progress? [Live Blog Post]

Planed as a lively debate between two of the forums more colourful and engaging debaters, Lawrie Phipps and Tom Franklin will go head to head on the motion “Disruptive technologies disrupt progress” discussion and opinions are likely to be varied and hopefully contentious. Are we too innovative for the sector? Can progress be made further down the line or are we running ahead of the wave? The outcome of the debate could influence the path of future developments, you never know!

Session 3 Who’s identity: starter for ten! [Live Blog Post]

Confrontational discussion, gladiatorial debate…well maybe. This ‘goldfish bowl’ session will begin on the topic of Identity and who controls it, but will move and change as the participants see fit. The room will have two central chairs facing each other, surrounded by the rest of the delegates. The following rules apply:

  • Only delegates in the central chairs may speak
  • Delegates wishing to speak tap the shoulder (gently) of one of the two central debaters
  • Once ‘tapped’ the seated person must immediately return to the outer ring (no last minute arguments)
  • The new person takes the seat and makes their point, response.
  • The other seated person is given the opportunity to respond, then can be ‘tapped’
  • If no individual wishes to respond to statements a ring delegate may ‘tap’ any of the central delegates and declare a new topic/statement, please make it contentious.
  • Debate continues

Some feedback on the session: [youtube][/youtube][youtube][/youtube][youtube][/youtube]

Sessions in this theme are being co-ordinated by Andy Dyson:

You can use your comments on these pages to raise questions for Andy or the presenters or to raise issues you wish to discuss with your colleagues in the JISC community.