Theme c: How to meet the changing student experience

Thank you for your interest in this theme. This strand of activity aims to provide participants with an overview of key findings emerging from JISC research into the student experience and acquire practical advice and guidance on how institutions can and are meeting changing student expectations.

A brief overview of the sessions follows.

Session 1: Listening to Learners [Live Blog Post]
This session will focus on what the Learner Experience projects have discovered about how individuals experience e-learning. The projects have been eliciting from learners their habits, strategies, choices, and patterns of use. What is already apparent is that individual experiences are enormously varied and the findings are complex. Using some of the draft outputs from the programme which bring to life the stories from individual learners (including case studies, day in the life of and scenarios), participants will attempt to deal with the ‘digital diversity’ they are presented with. Faced with learners with a variety of different attitudes towards and approaches to learning with technology, how can we help them all to develop effective skills, strategies and habits of learning for post-compulsory education and beyond?

Workshop facilitators:
Ellen Lessner and Rhona Sharpe, Support and Synthesis project for Learner Experiences of e-Learning

Some feedback on the session: [youtube][/youtube] – Robert Haymon-Collins, JISC Director of Communications and Marketing [youtube][/youtube]

Session 2: The Google Generation [Live Blog Post]
This symposium will offer participants an overview of the key findings emerging from the second phase of JISC funded Ipsos MORI research on student expectations as well as the issues raised in a new report, commissioned by JISC and the British Library. These findings will be validated against the emerging themes from the Learner Experiences of e-Learning programme.

1. Malcolm Batchelor, Evidence & Evaluation Manager, JISC
2. Maggie Fieldhouse, CIBER Team, UCL
3. Helen Beetham, Support and Synthesis project for Learner Experiences of e-Learning

Session 3: Bridging the gap [Live Blog Post]
Discussion (and probably debate) about learner and institutional expectations, needs and affordances of learning technologies. Framed by up-to-date and on-going research this discussion should lead to recommendations for improving institutional practice and strategic development and for continuing research of learner experiences of e-learning.

Panel members:
Greg Benfield – Support and Synthesis Project, Oxford Brooke University
Rob Howe, e-Learning for Learners (e4L)
Mabel Abgenorto, University of Hertfordshire
Nicola Whitton, ARGOSI, MMU
Malcolmn Ryan, Student Experience of e-Learning Laboratory (SEEL)

You can use your comments on these pages to raise questions for Sarah or the presenters or to raise issues you wish to discuss with your colleagues in the JISC community. We look forward to some engaging discussion around these sessions.