5 thoughts on “Theme a: Barriers to the take-up of technologies

  1. Frederique van Till

    Hello and welcome to the forum on barriers to take-up. Feel free to add any issues or questions to this page. Also, feel free to send me an email in case you have any comments or further ideas for the sessions.


  2. David Giaretta

    One issue which may be important is the way in which users are presented with a large variety of incompatible “products” with differnt user interfaces and underlying technologies – with no way to see how, or even IF, these things can be joined up in a coherent manner. Associated with this is the issue of whether users can see how to integrate some particular technology with their existing systems.

  3. Kate Lindsay

    One barrier to the “take up of technology” is quite simply poor communication and marketing.

    These are aspects that seem to be tagged onto the end of many projects and to which a very small amount of resources are allocated to. Not much support exists at JISC in terms of helping a project advertise their deliverables outside of the usual academic conferences or JISC web pages. In the case of some projects it may be wise to advise that they take on dedicated marketing and dissemination officers to ensure that the project is marketed effectively using a variety of strategies that are targeted at the relevant sectors.

  4. Alastair Dunning

    Better market research and understanding of audiences would also help with the points Kate makes above.

    Digitisation projects sometimes divide their potential users into very large groups, e.g. HE researchers and the general public

    But breaking down these groups into much smaller groups, e.g. researchers in history, A-Level students or genealogists allow projects to create much more tailored outputs that respond more precisely to their needs.

  5. Gillian Sinclair

    Thanks Kate – you’ve just described my role at the National Grid Service! I am the Liaison Officer and my role is to market, publicise and make people aware of the NGS. I do feel a bit of an oddity as there aren’t many people around in a similar dedicated role but it is really important. What’s the point of funding a service or project and no one knowing about it? Yet agains its “build it and they shall come”. Funders need to realise that there is no point funding these projects without some dedicated outreach into the community. As you say it is so often tagged onto the end of the project proposal and it’s often someones responsibility along with their main job so it often ends up at the bottom of the priority list.

    I focus on user case studies and encouraging NGS users to tell other people in their research field about the NGS. The best advertising we can have is happy users. I’ve left some publicity material down in the exhibition hall if you want to pick some up!

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