Closing Plenary: Sarah Porter, Head of Innovation Group, JISC

Sarah Porter, Head of Innovation at JISC, brought the conference to a close with a round-up of some of the key issues from the last 2 days, and thanked delegates for a fascinating and invigorating conference.

There was just 15 minutes for the closing plenary, and so Sarah galloped through a dazzling summary of the conference, pointing out the incredible energy and level of engagement of delegates across a huge breadth and depth of subjects.

Sarah expressed her delight at the buzz of the conference, from the lively questions and debates taking place in forums and sessions to simply seeing delegates deep in conversation about the issues between events.

Key issues

Sarah went through a number of key issues raised in the last 2 days, which are available in more detail in her presentation, available at the end of this post. But in brief, the issues outlined were;

  • Institutional concerns
  • Supporting and understanding user needs
  • How JISC run programmes and projects
  • Infrastructure and technology
  • Supporting communities and collaboration
  • Sustainability and business models

Sarah asked delegates to continue giving feedback that could help JISC improve its services, and encouraged everyone to continue the discussions online. She said that the blog would be open until at least the end of the month, and then JISC will consider other means of continuing online discussions.

The conference was then closed by Sarah once again thanking all those involved, and encouraging everyone to take the discussions started at the conference to the next level.

Closing Plenary Presentation