A brief update on the JISC Innovation Forum 2008


Many thanks to those of you who have already registered for the event. If you have not yet done so please check previous emails (from jiscinnovationforum@livegroup.co.uk) for your access code and register as soon as you can at http://www.jisc.ac.uk/events/2008/07/jif08.aspx. Registration will close on the 13th June and we have a waiting list of project staff who would like to attend.

UCU greylisting of Keele University

JISC is aware that the Universities and Colleges Union (UCU) has instructed its members to take industrial action starting on 13th June by greylisting Keele University http://www.ucu.org.uk/index.cfm?articleid=3334.We have been in contact with the Union and Keele who both assure us that they are doing everything they can to resolve the situation and avoid the greylisting. However, given the number of delegates, presenters and Executive staff that this action would affect, holding the event at Keele is not viable if the boycott does go ahead. Arrangements are being made to move the event to an alternative venue in South East England and we will inform you promptly of any change of venue. Hopefully the issue at Keele will be resolved.